Hustle Hacker is a full-stack web and mobile app idea lab, and consultancy. We build apps for clients, and also explore & execute our own ideas.


Being a Hustle Hacker is letting yourself explore ideas. We are not scared to fail. We maintain a Hustlers state of mind. We build, iterate and learn quickly. We stay excited, and help others do the same. We are creators, and we are motivated. We want to share this manifesto.

Are you a Hustle Hacker?

Task Ave

During the first Startup Weekend Toronto, Darren worked with the good folks at Jet Cooper. Task Ave finished first place, and went on to be featured under lifestyle in the app store.

Breakfast Feed

During our adventures to events, conferences & workshops, we catalogued our experiences. We maintained a twitter account, blogged, and photographed many tech oriented events that happened downtown Toronto.

Unbox App

Karl attended Startup Weekend Fall of 2011, where he worked on the Unbox App with a rockstar team. Unbox App finished 2nd place. Some members of the core team have kept with it, and have launched minbox the successor to the Unbox App.

Meet the Hustle Hackers

Karl Danninger

Designer at OK GROW!

Karl is now an integral part of the OK GROW! team. They are expert web and mobile app developers that build software that solves problems and creates opportunities for their clients. Have a project you'd like to discuss with our professional team? Contact us, or email me.

Darren Butcher

Freelancer - available for hire

I'm a web and mobile app developer, while also putting my design skills to the test. I have long enjoyed technology & entrepreneurship and spend most of my spare time coming up with new innovative ideas. Want to talk about your idea?Email me.